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As you know, Vermont Gage offers Technical support and Metrology articles and documents to assist users, technical question submissions, and the full range of Vermont Gage products information.

Now you can link to and make all of these service available to your customers.

What's more, Vermont Gage participates in a reciprical link exchange with our distributors. We will place your logo and link to your website from Vermont Gages website. After our visitors find what they are looking for here, they can follow the link to your website to make a purchase.

Distributors who place the Vermont Gage logo and link more prominently on their websites (index page, first page etc.) are listed more prominently in our gallery.

If you would like to participate, you may insert (copy then paste) the following code into your web page html code.

<P><A HREF=""Target="_blank"><IMG SRC="" border="0" width="150" height="64" alt="Vermont Gage for gages and Metrology technical information. Plugs pins rings threads english & metric gages, gage sets & libraries, go nogo assemblies, trilocks taperlocks & masters, calibrations & certifications"></A></P>

That's it! the code will display the logo and also provide the link. This will open in a separate browser window, so your visitors will remain at your website while viewing the Vermont Gage products and information available.

When you have our logo/link on your website, email the URL on your website where it is located to and we will place your logo/link on our website. If you have a prefered logo or wish the link to go to a specific page, include that information in your email.

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